The main products cover high transparent and colored tempered glass, home appliance glass, electronic glass, clock glass, coated glass, tempered mirror, high and low temperature silk printing glass and other deep processing products.

Electronic / Security glass

Electronic/Security glass is a high-tech glass product specifically designed for use in the electronics and security industries. This type of glass utilizes advanced technologies such as ITO film, metal oxides, and solar cells to provide superior durability and safety performance.
One of the key features of electronic/security glass is its ability to provide multiple safety functions such as anti-theft, blast resistance, and bullet resistance. Made from multiple layers of composite materials, this type of glass is capable of withstanding high-speed impacts and explosive shockwaves, ensuring the safety of facilities and personnel.
In addition, electronic/security glass can also provide anti-reflective and UV-blocking functions, making it an ideal solution for the electronics and security industries. Widely used in data centers, control rooms, monitoring rooms, financial institutions, and government agencies where high levels of security are required.
Overall, electronic/security glass is a high-tech product that provides enhanced safety and durability for the electronics and security industries. Whether it is for safeguarding facilities or improving the performance of electronic products, electronic/security glass is a reliable solution.