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Cleaning and maintenance of coated glass

  1. Visible surface residues on MSVD reflective film can be removed with a clean lint-free cloth and commercial solvents (such as paint thinner, mineral alcohol or isopropanol, etc.). Household dish cleaners should not be used and care must be taken to ensure that solvents and residues do not affect the membrane. Check with a small sample wash to see if residue and solvent damage the membrane.
  2. When machine cleaning, the coated glass will not stop under the cleaning brush, because the film will be damaged. Because the hardness of the brushes of each cleaning machine may be different, it is determined whether the brushes of the cleaning machine have caused damage to the film by checking the film layer after cleaning. When cleaning the coated glass with MSVD low-emissivity film, no circulating water is used. Because these membranes are very sensitive to pH. If circulating water is used, monitor the pH value.
  3. When showering coated glass, please use demineralized or ionized water to ensure no residue when drying. Techniques using demineralized or ionized water may increase the corrosivity of the water, so sample checks in water are required. After confirming that there is no harmful reaction, carry out trial production before mass production to confirm whether the water works normally in the system.
  4. The temperature of the cleaning solution is related to the pH value. At lower pH (which is acidic), increasing the temperature will speed up the acid destruction reactions. Washing solutions should be tested at the same production temperature. When cleaning non-film glass, the water temperature should not exceed 140. F (60°C).



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